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Pre-K Handbook
Posted On:
Monday, July 17, 2017


Dear Parents and Students:


Welcome to Mission Elementary! The faculty and staff join me in saying that we are happy to have you as part of the Mission family. Our goal is to make your child’s first year at school a positive learning experience.


We have some important information we would like to share with you concerning our school and this student handbook. Your child was assigned this Mission Student Handbook. Inside this handbook is a school calendar. We ask that parents and students review the contents together. Mission Elementary parents are our partners in the important job of educating the children of this community.


We will be helping our students to develop the Life Principle of responsibility this year. In pursuit of this objective, we encourage you to let your child deal with the logical consequences of making appropriate choices and of making poor choices. We want to allow our students the opportunity to solve their own problems and not be set apart from the other students. The best solution to any problem lies within the person who owns the problem. We would appreciate your helping us in developing your child’s school responsibility by establishing routines that ensure that he/she is prepared for school each day.


The Anadarko School District has implemented the use of Visitor, Volunteer, and Substitute badges. For our students’ safety, we ask that each time you come to the school you enter through the front door and check in at the office. You will be asked to sign in and will be issued the appropriate badge for your visit. We also ask that you return the badge to the office and exit through the front doors when you leave the building. This will help the staff maintain a safe environment for our students by knowing who is a legitimate visitor to the building.


We are looking forward to a great year! You are welcome in our school and we hope that you can find the time to visit your child’s class. We would also welcome you as a Mission volunteer! Working together, we will be able to reach our collective and individual goals. We look forward to celebrating the achievements of our students with you!








Mission Elementary Staff
















Mission Elementary is fully accredited by the State Department of Education. This means that credits earned in this school will be accepted, without loss, in any school in the state of Oklahoma.


Mission Elementary is a Great Expectations Methodology School.



We have great expectations for Mission students to think, learn, and live excellence.



“Mission Elementary is Awesome and Amazing the Warrior Way!”



Four Year Old Message Phone          247-7163

School Office Telephone                   247-6607

All messages must be phoned in by 2:00.



7:45-8:10                              Arrival

8:15-8:35                              Breakfast

8:35-10:05                            Classroom time

10:05-10:35                         Recess

10:35-11:05                         Specials

11:05-11:35                         Lunch

11:35-12:30                         Rest Time

12:30-1:45                            Classroom Time

1:45-1:55                              Snack

1:55-2:20                              Recess

2:20-2:40                              Prepare for Departure

                                                Daycare Bus

2:40                                        Pick-ups

2:50-3:10                              Buses




School Calendar:

The school year shall consist of 175 teaching days as provided in the school calendar and shall be divided into two (2) semesters. Annually, the Superintendent or the Superintendent’s designee shall prepare and present for Board approval a school calendar that indicates the dates of the opening and the closing of school and all applicable instructional and professional days.

School Day:

A school day shall consist of not less than six (6) hours devoted to school activities except as allowed by law. Students, except for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students, are expected to attend a minimum of six (6) consecutive class periods each day. The Administration shall establish the school hours within the school day and class schedules for the schools within the District, and may provide for flexible scheduling and a longer school day to accommodate flexible scheduling.

Closed Campus:

All students are to remain on the school campus between the time of arrival and the close of the school day unless: a) leaving for school-sponsored events or b) checked out by a parent or guardian. Parents and/or guardians must check out students through the school office before taking the student from campus. Students who leave campus without permission shall be subject to disciplinary action.


For our students’ safety and security, all parents and visitors are required to sign in at the principal’s office immediately upon entering the building where visitor badges will be assigned. This will allow for minimal disruptions in the classrooms. Appointments with teachers can be scheduled in the office when necessary.

Students not enrolled at Mission Elementary School will not be allowed to visit in the classes. Our time and energy will be directed toward our students who are enrolled at Mission.



Head Lice:

In order to attend school, students must be free from head lice and nits (eggs). If a student is identified as having head lice and/or nits, the parent or guardian will be contacted to pick up the student from school. The student will not be allowed to return to school until: a) the parent or guardian submits a written statement from a health professional which states that the student is free from head lice and/or nits; and b) the District’s nurse or health professional verifies that the student is free of head lice and/or nits.

Contagious Diseases: Do not send students to school if they have been diagnosed with a contagious illness until they have received a written release from a physician.

Toileting Concerns:

1.A student in the four-year old program must be able to take care of toileting needs independently. A staff member will accompany students to the restroom.

2.Each student must have an extra change of clothing at school at all times (be mindful of weather changes)

3.If students are wet, staff members will help them change. However, if accidents of any other nature occur, the parent will be called to pick the child up from school.




The following students shall be admitted to the District if they meet the age, immunization, and good standing set forth in this policy:

  1. Students      who are legal residents of the District;
  2. Students      who have a legal transfer into the District;
  3. Students      who have been accepted by the District on a tuition basis; and
  4. Foreign      students who have been accepted by the District as Nonimmigrant (F1)      Students.



Immunization Requirements:

No student shall be permitted to enroll in the District unless the student presents to the school at the student’s initial enrollment either:

  1. Certification      from a licensed physician or authorized representative of the State      Department of Public Health that such a student has received, or is in the      process of receiving, immunizations required by the Department of Public      Health, or that such student is likely to be immune as a result of the      disease; or
  2. A      Certificate of Exemption form stating that the child is exempt from      immunization requirements on the ground that (1) the physical condition of      the student is such that immunization would endanger the life or health of      a student, signed by a physical: (2) the parent, guardian, or person      having legal custody of the child objects to such tests or immunizations      for religious reasons; or (3) the parents, guardian, or person having      legal custody of the student claims an exemption for personal      reasons. A copy of Certificate of      Exemption will be forwarded to the Department of Public Health for review      and approval.



General: Every student shall attend school regularly. Regular attendance at school is necessary for students to fully benefit from the educational experience, teaches students the necessity of regular attendance in preparation for work, and teaches students to be personally responsible. The Administration shall notify a student’s parent or guardian regarding the student’s absences and tardies set forth in Administrative Regulations and Student Handbook.

Absences: Students are expected to attend all classes if possible and are expected to attend a minimum of eighty percent (80%) of scheduled class days per academic year. In order to receive credit for the course or grade in which the student is enrolled, a student may not have more than twenty percent (20%) of scheduled class days as unexcused absences per year. Excused absences include, but are not limited to, the student’s illness, doctor’s appointments, serious illness or accident involving family member, religious observances, a death in the family, or attendance at a funeral. Unexcused absences include, but are not limited to, truancy, leaving school without proper approval, personal business, work, transportation problems not caused by the District, and tardiness.

Tardiness: Tardy is defined as arriving during the first ten (10) minutes after the class bell rings for first period, and during the first five (5) minutes for all subsequent periods. A student who comes to class after that time is counted absent for that period. Students who are tardy must be signed in through the school office. An absence for tardiness will be characterized as excused or unexcused based on the criteria listed for absences.

Early Dismissal: A student shall not be excused and dismissed from school before the end of the school day without an approved written request for early dismissal from the student’s parent or guardian or the approval of an administrator. Telephone requests for early dismissal of a student will only be honored if the caller can be positively identified as the student’s parent or guardian. If a student is checked out before 2:45 p.m., he/she must be checked out through the office. Only those listed as authorized persons able to check a student out will be allowed to do so. It is the parent’s responsibility to keep the authorized persons’ checkout list updated throughout the school year. Additional precautions regarding excusing students from school may be taken as appropriate to the age of the student and/or as circumstances warrant.

Late Arrival:

If your child arrives after 8:10 a.m., the parent must accompany the child into the building and sign the child in through the office.



Classes begin at 8:10 a.m. Prompt arrival is very important.


Parents should drop students off at the curb on College Street. In the morning, the classroom aides will meet the parent at their vehicle and escort the students to their classes. At the end of the day, the aides will bring the students to the parent’s vehicles. By bringing the students to the vehicles in the designated area, we eliminate some of the congestion in the parking area. Only buses are allowed to drop off and pick up students in front of the school. Please drop students off and pick students up in the drive-thru on the four year old end. Do not park in the designated school handicap spaces or in the parking lot driveways.


If your child does not ride a bus, do not send your child to school before 7:50 a.m. each morning.




Student activities are an important part of the total educational program. Student activities shall be scheduled so as to result in the least interference with curricular activities and classes. Student participation in student activities shall be voluntary and in accordance with any Administrative Regulations governing such participation.

Field Trips:

Field trips may be scheduled and conducted by the individual instructor, subject to the approval of the Superintendent. Field trips are considered appropriate extensions of the classroom and should stimulate student interest and inquiry in the subject being taught. Students who exhibit inappropriate behavior while at school may be excluded from school field trips at the discretion of the school principal.




1. Notes will be required to ride another bus or go home with another person.

2. No food shall be eaten on the bus.

3. Nothing shall be thrown in the bus or out of the windows.

4. Pupils shall not extend arms or other parts of the body out of the window.

5. Remember that loud talking or unnecessary confusion can momentarily divert the bus driver’s attention and may result in a serious accident.

6. All riders shall conduct themselves as ladies and gentlemen at all times.

7. Buses will only let students off at school and their homes or bus stops.

8. Any damage to a bus by a student must be replaced and such actions will be dealt with immediately.

9.School authorities may suspend the student from the privilege of riding the bus because of disorderly conduct. In that event, it becomes the responsibility of the parents to see that the child gets to school.

10. Please be on time for bus stops.

11. Drivers will have same control over pupils while riding on buses as teachers have while the pupils are in school. Drivers are asked to report violators to the principal’s office.

12. Conduct on buses should be very good, as misconduct might draw the attention of the bus driver and cause an accident. For your own safety and protection you are required to remain seated and to refrain from scuffling.



Health Services:

The District shall provide health services within the schools of the District by providing nurses and/or health aides to the extent practicable who shall be responsible for administering first aid, assisting with any health-related instruction, conducting screening tests as necessary and appropriate, and maintaining health records on students enrolled in the District. A nurse or health aide may administer medicines to students when authorized in writing by the student’s parent or guardian as provided by law.

Special Education Students:

The District shall provide those necessary services for handicapped and/or disabled students which are required by law and/or regulation.

School Counselor:

The District employs school counselors who may serve as liaisons between students, teachers, and parents, and may provide personal counseling, educational planning, career planning, enrollment, and individual and group testing. Students may be referred to a school counselor by teachers or principals. In addition, parents who wish to meet with a school counselor may schedule an appointment and students may request an appointment through their homeroom teacher.




Students are expected to conduct themselves as ladies and gentlemen at all times and shall adhere to all rules, regulations, and policies formulated by the Administration and the Board. Students shall at all times respect the rights of fellow students and of District personnel and shall not provoke any other individual or inflict physical harm upon another, except in self-defense.

Behavior Expectations:

The four-year old student will be able to:

1.  Participate in classroom activities (indirect, group, and circle time)

2.  Follow teacher directions

3.  Follow classroom, playground, and cafeteria rules

4.  Show respect of all classroom materials and to all members of class

5.  Refrain from hitting, kicking, biting, and using inappropriate language






In case of severe weather, snow, or low temperatures, the official announcement for school closing may be heard over the radio. Listen to KRPT - 850 AM or 103.7 FM.

The fire drill signal will be 3 short rings. Students will leave the building in single file. They should remain in lines according to classes so the roll may be checked outside.

The storm drill signal will be a series of 5 short rings. Teachers will lead students to the designated area. Students should remain in the area according to classes so that roll may be checked. We will also conduct 2 lock-down drills a year. The signal will be given on the intercom, “We are in lock-down”. Teachers at this time will lock their classroom doors and place students out of view of the windows.




The district will always err on the side of safety when considering the closing, early departure, or late start for the school day. Student and staff safety will always be the first consideration during inclement weather events.

In the event that severe weather of any type is indicated by the National Weather Service that will affect the district boundaries, the district will continually monitor the weather by television, radio, and computer for the most current conditions during the weather event.

The following will drive district decisions pertaining to school closings, late starts, and early departures:


1. The imminent weather threat to the safety and well-being of all students and staff members.

2. The ability of district buses to pick up students throughout district boundaries and deliver them safely to and from the school sites.

3. The ability of all students and staff members to arrive safely at and to depart safely from the school sites.


The Oklahoma City television stations and local radio stations will be notified once the decision has been made to delay the start of the school day, early release, or the closing of the school for the day.

School Messenger Notification System will also be utilized to contact parents and staff of any closings, late start, or early release during inclement weather. For more information about School Messenger, please see the link on the homepage of the district website.

If at any time you are unsure of school closings, early departure, or late start, please contact the office of your child’s school.




All meals shall be eaten in the cafeteria. No glass containers of any type will be allowed in the cafeteria. All students will follow cafeteria rules.


Lunch bills must be paid on a regular and timely basis. Statements will be sent home as needed. It is our desire that no student goes hungry or undernourished. The charge limit is $5.00. If you have questions regarding your child’s cafeteria bill, please call 247-9383 for assistance.



Misbehavior or any conduct that is unsafe or hazardous to another student or staff member will not be tolerated.

  1. Rough      play is not allowed.
  2. Students      will remain on the playground during outside recess times. They may only      enter the building with the permission from one of the duty persons.
  3. Sit      on the swings and swing backward and forward only.


School parties will be scheduled during the year. The time for all parties will be 2:00 p.m. unless otherwise indicated by your child’s teacher. Birthday parties must be scheduled with the child’s homeroom teacher.

To avoid unhappiness that is caused when a child is not invited to an after school party, invitations for these should be sent through the mail, not handed out at school.



Personal items such as trading cards, toys, radios, playground balls, and other items will not be permitted at school without permission from the classroom teacher. The school is not responsible for missing personal items.



The Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act of 1986requires that all buildings in our school district be inspected for asbestos and that a management plan be written to document this inspection. This plan may be viewed at the administration office.































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